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    Navigation Issues

      I am testing RoboHelp 5 to see if it can be used to replace our current course authoring software for creating tutorials.

      I must say, I am impressed with the capabilities thus far, although I am running into a couple of issues - one of which being the Browse Sequences and navigation.

      I have enabled the Browse Sequences, but I have noticed that, if I have 3 books with 3 pages each, I can use the previous and next buttons (<>) along the top of the left frame to move within a book, but they do not allow me to move into the next book, and so on.

      I created a Template containing my Header and Footer and have attempted to insert a button to use for straight-forward navigation - click it and go to the next page. When I change the caption on the button, which initially is Button(Plain), it automatically switches to Button(Submit). As well, if I can use the button, how do I code the button to jump to the next page.

      As an aside, I am using the WebHelp Pro as the layout, so I am not sure if there is simple a problem because I am running the project from my system, not on a server. Help seems to indicate that some changes in WebHelp Pro will not be seen until it is run from the server. Is this correct?

      Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi Lisa.
          Re: Browse sequence. There should be nothing stopping you moving from one book to another. Has the browse sequence been setup correctly? You should be able to use the browse sequence editor to add a sequence from any topic in your project.
          Re: Template button. You coukd probably handle this with some simple javascript. I'm far from an expert in this area so if someone wants to jump in here please feel free. I could look up something but it would have to wait until later today.
          Re: Webhelp Pro Updates: You are right that changes to the Webhelp Pro output are only reflected after it has been published.
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            Hi Colum,

            Your right - I must not have the Browse Sequence set up properly, although I have done it a couple of times.

            I am selecting Tools, Browse Sequence Editor and I have used all of the files. Then, I am selecting Auto-create using TOC. When it is asking for the level, I have tried 1 and 2 and 5 - I have 5 books with files in each.

            When I select View Primary Layout - I can only use the browse sequence for the first book.

            As I said, I have not ran it from the server, but I will try a test site to see if it works.

            Thanks for your help.

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              RoboWizard Level 4
              Hi Lisa

              Hopefully Colum will excuse my intrusion.

              When you created the browse sequence, did you create it based on the TOC? If so, that's your issue.

              What?!! you say - If I create it based on the TOC, shouldn't it move from page to page according to the TOC structure?

              Yes and no. Here's the thing. When you create it based on the TOC, each book normally becomes a different sequence. The Previous and Next buttons move from topic to topic in each sequence. But they have no clue that they should move from one sequence to another.

              The trick is to manually create the sequence that lists all topics in the TOC within a single sequence.

              Hopefully this helps... Rick
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                Thanks - I got it up and running - and yes I did it manually as opposed to using the TOC, which I did the first few times!
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                  (This is my first time posting and forgive me if I don't do it right.)

                  You can very easily create a browse sequence based on your TOC and have it move from one book to the next. In the Browse Sequence Editor, just set the level to 0. I do this all the time for my browse sequences. No need at all to set up your browse sequence manually.

                  Sorry if my answer is a little late for you. I don't check the forum every day.

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                    I did get the Browse Sequence working, however I am still wondering if it is possible to add additional buttons in the right frame, which contains the content? I would love tp provide previous and next buttons, for those individuals who like to have everything jump out at them!

                    Once again - thanks for all the help.