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    Merging and printing multiple copies in InDesign


      I have created a nice 8 page A4 folder based on 4 double sided sheets of A3 that are folded and stapled nicely in our printer. Now I have managed to make a data merge from an Excel document with all my 500 customers so that I can personalize every bochure with name and address. The problem I have now is though that when I make the merge I end up with one large document of 8 x 500 pages (4000 pages long) and can't print them as separate documents with folding and stapling. Is tehre a way to tell InDesign that every 8th page the print should be treated as a separate document so that the printer knows when to fold and staple? If InDesign can't handle it, is tehre a way to make  PDF and then tell in Acrobat how to treat the document this way?