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    buttons with links added in actions frame

    Jonibean Level 1
      I am trying to set up my site using buttons with instance names instead of adding the code to the buttons themselves, as the newer actionscript is supposed to be done.

      However, I am finding that it only works if I put the code on the same frame as the buttons themselves (in the actions layer). I thought I could put all the code for the buttons at the beginning? Even if the code is one frame away, it doesn't seem to access it.

      This is my code for my buttons - they are on several pages of a diary, which accesses some dynamic text and has next and back buttons. On 'DIARY1' frame, the first button (btn_diary1next) works, but the ones I'm trying to reference for the next frame (DIARY2) don't work. I've also tried it without the "_root" there, but that doesn't seem to make a difference. What could the problem be?



      //script for next and back buttons on diary
      btn_diary1next.onRelease = function(){

      btn_diary2next.onRelease = function(){

      btn_diary2back.onRelease = function(){