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    Adobe Flash Pro CC 2014 fuzzy Audio


      when ever i import audio into Flash and play it by flame it sounds completely normal.

      however when i select Ctrl+Enter and watch the animation in SWf


      the audio sounds fuzzy and blurry.

      but its not out of sync


      • for example.

      i downloaded these two bits of audio using: Free YouTube to MP3 converter

      Scary Sound Effects - YouTube

      and  Pokemon 'Bridged Episode 19: Family - Elite3 - YouTube


      i put them in Audacity, cut them so i could keep the bits audio i wanted and saved the audio as MP3 files

      importing them int Flash and playing them with my animation? they sounds exactly the same.

      until i play them as SWF files



      • now they sound like this: (sorry that its all FNAF's animations )

      http://le-pinemarten.deviantart.com/art/I-Remain-FNAF-3-fake-teaser-trailer-505267652?q=so rt%3Atime%20gallery%3ALe-PineMarten&qo=85