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    Has anyone used the Audio Xtra?

      I'm a teacher and I'm trying to make a quiz in which ESL students can read or look at some input like a picture or video clip and leave oral comments about it. It doesn't have to be very sophistocated but it does require that recording be enabled. It looks like the Audio Xtra now handled by Tabuleiro is an ideal fit. I am, however, running up against my own limitations as the Audio Xtra is very complex and the sample movie is way over my head.

      Essentially I just want to be able to add a record button to a page and have spoken comments saved so I can review them later for troubleshooting students' speaking problems. I've been hacking away for about a week and may be even more overwhelmed than when I started.

      Essentially [I think] the problem is I can't seem to decide which parameters to declare in the global and that's what's holding me up. I think if I can get a shove in the right direction that I can make it work. Any suggestions?

      Also please take it easy on me, I'm not a Director afficionado by any stretch but I have made quite a number of successful learning apps. Have a look at Neko.ca. They are not flawless but they work.

      I'm open to non-director solutions as well. Also it doesn't have to be web-enabled. A projector would do for the present.
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          Level 7
          In startMovie, you need to register the xtra

          on startMovie
          axRegister(serial code here)

          Then, on your Record Button, something like this:

          on mouseUp me
          --start recording session - using 400k as maximum here

          --see if there is an error
          put errOpen

          --save the new audio as a file

          --see if there is an error
          put errRecord


          then make sure you close the recorder in stopMovie

          on stopMovie

          You can also make a Stop Recording button that has code like this:

          on mouseUp me
          put errStop
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            AhhhhhHahhhhh Level 1
            Sorry for the late reply. Thanks for taking the time to provide all the lingo. For me that would be many days of work. Like I said I have pretty limited skills and in fact I wasn't even able to get your code up and running. I spent two solid days on it with no luck. I hope to get back to it soon but I've been busy with other stuff. If I do get it operational I'll leave a confirmation message here for others and mark the answer. Once again thanks.