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    ME edition - quotation marks after LTR words

    ElishevaH Level 1

      I am working on a right-to-left document. In the document, in some places there are left-to-right words. Sometimes there are quotation marks after the LTR words that are supposed to be on the left of the LTR words because they would be (for example) at the end of a sentence. The problem is, that because it's a RTL document, so after the LTR words, InDesign places those quotation marks to the right of the LTR word.

      How can I be sure that throughout the document, the right sided quotation marks will always be on the correct side of my text (in the case, to the left of the words [since I'm using a RTL language])? Is there a GREP find/change I could do for this?

      Thank you.