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    Timer Counter for video duration


      I'm in the process of creating a video control for a swf video. I'm trying to work out a way to display the total duration of the video and the current play time. So far I have worked out the total time by using _root._totalframes / framerate (12fps) /60 to give me the duration in minutes. What I'm having problems with is using the same method but with the _currentframe to work out the current playtime of the video. I can get the minutes to display properly using the Math.floor function but I have been unable to get the correct display of the seconds. Clear as mud??!

      For example say my video has a total duration of 2 mins and 36 seconds. I want the playtime to update whilst the movie is playing until it reached the total durations.....1:46 of 2:36 etc.

      Any ideas?