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    How can I export to interactive pdf from a multiple document book?

    maria demneu



      I have 24 separate InDesign documents that needed to be compiled/combined into one. I did this by making them a book. (Please let me know if there's a better way).


      I need to be able to export the book as an Interactive PDF. I am using the Interactive features for navigation, hyperlinks and bookmarks. The hyperlinks are automatically converted and the bookmarks could be added after the fact. It's the navigation buttons that I can't find a solution to.


      The main issue here is when I go to print the book only the PDF option is there, not the interactive one. Exporting (File>Export) the book seems to be impossible because it just exports the selected document not the entire book. It appears that you must print the PDF into Adobe PDF but there is no interactive option this way.


      Any ideas or new approaches to this problem? I would REALLY appreciate it.