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    ColdFusion V 3.1


      Am having difficulties getting to talk to tech support about this one. 


      Work for a Municipality which got ColdFusion V 3.1.2. installed 7 years ago before Adobe ownership.      Water plant stores O&M manuals in it.    It has apparently never been updated.    Now the IT dept. wants to update the server because is Windows Server 2003 and is running out of support, but does not know what to do about updating ColdFusion.


      My questions;


      if is web-based, why a local server is needed?   If so, can the keycode be moved to a new server with a 65-bit OS?.   Is it a new version of ColdFusion needed?   If so, does a new product and/or support has to be purchased?

      I appreciate any help on this.

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          haxtbh Level 4

          With the software that old you are going to have to purchase a new CF11 license if you get a new server.


          You are going to be very lucky if you can get 3.1 working on any OS above 2003, especially 64 bit. Support will have run out for all of that years ago. If you have a new server then you will need to put CF11 on it.


          Additional to this you will need to check all the code works with the latest CF as a lot has changed since back then.