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    From InDesign to ePub - any help with two adjacent text frames?




      I am a self-taught InDesigner and I have made one traditional book for non-commercial use with InDesign and now I am planning on converting it to ePub format. The original book's layout idea is like this:




      So the layout consists of so-called "navigation panel" (the red arrow) and the main text panel. The idea with the navigation panel is that the reader can quickly found, where in the text the information about conduction, transmission etc etc. is.


      And when I am exporting this from InDesign to ePub, the whole book's navigation panel of course comes first and then the main text box. Looks like this:

      vinkkisanat epub.jpg


      Does Adobe community have any idea of what I could do to get the same kind of layout for my ePub publication, with the navigation panel and main text panel being next to each other? I know something about XML and CSS but I can't figure out any way how to get this layout with ePub.