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    I have some footage in After effects

    Dominic Irving

      The footage is a man speaking. With this man speaking I want nothing else to show other than the man speaking. No background. I want it completely transparent, other than the man speaking. A good example is http://www.videotile.co.uk/ . This footage is going to go onto a company’s webpage. I gather that I have to export the file into a FLV format or AVI. I can either go through After effects or directly to Flash professional. I can get the background completely transparent through After Effects but I can only export the footage as either a SWL file or a XFL file. I tried the SWL file and loaded it up in Flash Professional. I have gone to the “Publish settings and changed the window mode to transparent and published that. Once I save the file as a HTML and open it up, the page is blank? Could someone help me out, would appreciate that greatly.


      After effects.jpg