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    Multiple PC setup (1 for rendering, 1 for composing)

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      Good morning all,


      I have recently built a new machine for all my editing needs (will most of them...).  The machine specs are listed under "Composing Machine".  I am planning on cleaning up my previous machine and hopefully I can utilize it for strictly rendering.  This machine specs is listed below as "Rendering Machine".


      I am on my company's network and would like to setup my Rendering Machine.  Both of my boards have dual NIC so perhaps I can do a direct connection using the 2nd Ethernet ports.


      Is there a guideline for doing this (setting up a dedicated rendering machine)?  What would be a good place to start?  In the past I was composing and rendering on the same machine.


      Thanks in advance for any responses!



      Composing Machine Specs:

      • Win 8.1 - 64 bit
      • X99 platform (ASUS X99-E WS)
      • i7-5960x CPU (8 cores)
      • 64GB DDR4 (G.Skill 2800) Ram
      • (MAIN OS + APPS) - Samsung XP941 (M.2)
      • (PREVIEWS + CACHING) - Corsair Neutron XL 960GB SSDs
      • TBolt Card connecting to an Areca 16TB storage tower (ALL MEDIA FILES)
      • Titan-X (soon to be added for 3 monitor support) but currently using the Quadro 4000


      Rendering Machine Specs:

      • OS not yet decided but perhaps Win 8.1 - 64 bit
      • Dual Intel® Socket LGA 2011/C602 chipset board (ASUS Z9PE-D8 WS)
      • Dual E5-2670 processors (8 cores each)
      • 64 GB Ram
      • Quadro 4000 + Tesla C2075 (Maximus Config)
      • HDDs have not been figured out yet but most like a few large drives in a raid-0 configuration and separate drive for main OS + apps.