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    Drawing text? Can it really be so impossible?

      Hi, Im writing a custom control. Its very graphical and it needs to be as lightweight as possible because it will have LOTS of text on it (scrollable).

      Im looking for a way to simply draw some text, at a given position.

      Ive searched everywhere, and it appears the only way to do this is to create a Label, or TextField and place it as a child on my control. This is no good for me, for various reasons.

      Please, can anyone tell me how to just draw some text onto a Graphics object, a bit like the Windows Drawtext API.

      Im starting to think Flex maybe isnt suited to highly customised interfaces like this?

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          peterent Level 2
          Text is drawn to the screen using TextFields (either directly or through something like UITextField, Label (Flex), Text (Flex), or TextArea (Flex)).

          Remember that Flex is just a way of writing Flash applications. Flex isn't a 100% solution in all cases. You have the entire Flash API at your disposal (and that doesn't 'draw text' either - use TextField). Have you seen what people have done with Flash and text? There's all sorts of creativity going on all the time.

          In other words, for your needs, 100% Flex may not be the answer, you may need to incorporate Flash.