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    LR Mobile: How ot delete photos after import / cloud storage questions


      On my Mac, iPhone and iPad I am using the Creative Cloud Photography subscription. Related to photoshop Lightroom Mobile, I have some questions:

      1. New photos are successfully imported to LR Mobile just after I open the LR Mobile application.
        1. Is there a way to import the photos at the moment when they are taken, or do I have to consciously open the application to get them imported and later synced to the cloud?
        2. After import, the photos remain in the iPhone Photo library. Is there an option to delete the photos from there automatically?
      2. Probably my mistake, but I could not find any information on the amount of cloud storage that is available for the Lightroom / Mobile sync. For subscriptions other than mine an amount of 20GB "cloud storage" is mentioned, but nothing on the photography-only type. Could you point me to an official document which outlines these conditions?