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    Orientation Flip on start (possible bug)

    A Sad Sam Level 1

      Hello everyone,


      I just found out what seems to be a bug in Flash Builder or AIR which I can't seem to resolve, and it's really driving me mad. So I'm asking for the help of all of you, to see if you have the same problem as me.

      So, what's happening is that when I have this configuration below set in the xml manifest file, in the initialWindow node ofc, my app will just flip the orientation upside down when it starts.




      The problem disappears once I remove the 1st line or set it to portrait, but I need it there, because my app only works in landscape.

      I tested this in AIR 15,16 and 17 and always got the same result. Once, it started working by setting the flag "swf-version" to 16 in the compiler arguments, other times it just randomly starts working. Now it just won't work no matter the value of that flag.


      So, can anyone please test this on a simple app, and tell me weather it works or not? Or maybe point me in the right direction?


      Thanks in advance.