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    ADVANCED warp mesh question


      Hi guys,


      this one is really hard to put into words so please bear with.


      I need a warp mesh that is driven by a 3d cage which looks identical to the warp mesh as a camera orbits around it.


      I need to be able to deform the 3d cage to drive the warp cage deformations.


      The problem is, a standard warp cage which is changing with the camera angle would warp the footage the whole time it's being orbited, whereas I only want the warp cage to affect the footage when it deviates from its 3d shape.


      does this make any sense and if so does anyone have any ideas of how how achieve this?





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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You're describing a very specific workflow. If we know what the final effect you wanted to achieve was, we might be able to offer some more solutions.

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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            I do not think there is a good way to automate that in AE. A more thorough explanation of your project along with a screenshot may change my mind. I would probably do what you describe in a 3-D app like Blender  unless you have a full version of C4D.

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              SpencerCarpenter Level 1

              yes its a hard one to explain alright.


              image you wanted to deform a can of coke which has been shot by a steadycam orbiting around it.


              now imagine a cylindrical mesh made in 3d which is overlaid as a wireframe and the camera move is tracked so the cylindrical mesh sits perfectly on top of the can.


              i want the wireframe to act as the mesh warp so that when for example the 3d mesh were to bulge it would drive the 2d mesh warp to bulge the footage Or in this example the can of coke.


              does that help explain?





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                Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Freeform pro and a gradient to control the deformation and you got it. You cannot do this with mesh warp. This is a piece of cake in a 3-D app.

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                  SpencerCarpenter Level 1

                  tthat's the baby thanks Rick!


                  although I fully intend to look into this do you know if you can use a custom 3d mesh with freeform pro? I only saw a flat grid plane in the example I just watched.


                  thanks again



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                    SpencerCarpenter Level 1

                    yeah that's the one I saw but it only uses a flat plane. I'm just wondering if i can bring in a custom mesh?


                    also I haven't been through it yet but does this rely on grey scale displacement maps or can I animate the vertexs in the warp mesh itself?

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                      SpencerCarpenter Level 1

                      ah it doesn't look like you can load a custom mesh, it seems to be restricted to a flat grid.

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                        Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        You can create a half cylinder with freeform pro using a gradient for the cylinder and for bulletholes. The gradient can be animated. I haven't got time to run through a whole tutorial, and it would take you about a week to figure out almost everything you can do with free-form pro.  Try downloading the demo and playing with it. There are a bunch of resources on their website.

                        If you were my project I wouldn't even mess with freeform even though I own it, I would use Blender.  It would take about 15 minutes to model pop can bulletholes and you could achieve a much higher degree of realism. You can then Render out your pop can with the bullet holes, even the bullet holes being shot through the can, then export your blender camera to After Effects and be done with it. You ask if it was possible in AE and it is but it's a lot easier in a 3-D app.

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                          SpencerCarpenter Level 1

                          Hi Rick,


                          thanks again for your reply.


                          i know I mentioned the can of coke but this was purely an example. I actually need to create the illusion of a statue breathing, one that will be shot steadycam or on a track. There isn't budget to recreate the statue in 3d with all the detail and going full 3d would create a whole host of other issues anyway.


                          I'd like to create a proxy mesh of the abdomen and animate it breathing then overlay the proxy mesh in Ae and translate the 3d movement of the vertices to a warp cage so in fact we end up with a warp which is driven by 3d.


                          The problem is that a standard warp will affect the footage if the cage itself is orbiting and I need it to only affect the footage if it's altered from its own 3d shape.


                          I cant think of a way to achieve this in 3d although I have toyed with projecting the footage onto the proxy mesh in a 3d app such as c4d 3dmax or maya but still can't get my head round how this would work.





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                            SpencerCarpenter Level 1

                            ah ha it looks like re: flex does what I'm looking for from the point of view that it has source and destination masks.


                            The source mask can alter frame by frame without affecting the footage and the destination mask can ofset that from its original position.


                            Now I just need to work out how to drive the mask vertices with 3d verts from my proxy model.


                            im hoping that what I'm trying to achieve is becoming clearer now and thanks again for any advice on this.