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    [AS 2.0, components] skinning problems

    Mateusz Krzeszowiec
      Dear all

      I'm trying to change skin of Accordion inside my custom component, without luck so far.
      I don't have problems with skinning accordion when it's on scene, with:

      import mx.controls.Accordion;
      Accordion.prototype.falseUpSkin = "AccSkin";
      Accordion.prototype.falseDownSkin = "AccSkin";
      Accordion.prototype.falseOverSkin = "AccSkin";
      Accordion.prototype.falseDisabled = "AccSkin";
      Accordion.prototype.trueUpSkin = "AccSkin";
      Accordion.prototype.trueDownSkin = "AccSkin";
      Accordion.prototype.trueOverSkin = "AccSkin";
      Accordion.prototype.trueDisabledSkin = "AccSkin";

      Or something like that.
      However when Accordion is inside my custom component it doesn't work. Any hints?

      Accordion is a field inside component class, let's say:
      var public myAccordion:Accordion, created inside createChildren call.
      I would love to change skin from movie, not inside component class.