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    Quicktime video playing in shockwave file on web

      I need serious help. I have been working on this forever.

      Here is how my directory is setup:
      dswmedia (folder) > cat.mov

      I have my html file and shockwave file in the root folder and I have a quicktime movie in the dswmedia folder.

      I have tested my index.html on my local computer a 1000 times and it works perfectly everytime. The quicktime video inside the shockwave movie works.

      But when I move the folders up to the web server I get problems. The shockwave stuff still works, but when I get to the part where my quicktime video is supposed to play it never shows up. I don't get an error or anything. The quicktime video just doesn't show up at all. No video, no audio, nothing. Am I doing something wrong?

      All I did before I published my .dir file was import the quicktime video (link to external file) and put it in the score as a sprite where I want it to play. Then I published it. I added the XTRA's. I don't know what else to do.