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    angularDash probs

      Hi Folks,

      Due to changes at work I am now required to develop environments in max8 rather than plasma.

      This is cool but has lead to a few issues with havok that usually are none consequential. Primarily I need to produce a door that rotates pivoted at a corner as doors do.

      Usually I would create an angularDashPot and locate it at the required position via manipulation of the door models pivot point. Upon export of the .w3d and .hke the door would then be rotated via the following:


      Rotpos = MasterTran.axisangle
      pHavok.AngularDashpot(“nom”).rotation = RotPos

      I now have to apply havok functionality within director, which results in the dashpot being applied central to the model ???

      Both the center of mass and pivot are situated correctly and the door can be operated correctly via none havok lingo etc. It seems that the dashpot is positioned at the origin of the models bounding sphere, so when rotated via havok the model turns about its center.


      Can anybody spread any light on this?
      Is it possible to reposition the location of an angularDashpot?
      Does anybody have any ideas on how to create a hinge?
      Is there a setting in max that I might be missing?

      Cheers, pop