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    Video Crop Incorrect


      Why does crop not follow my % instructions?


      Image Stabilization created (as expected) swaying black bars at top and bottom of the frame.  So I figured I'd just crop them out.. so I set crop to 8% to left, right, top and bottom.  After publishing it seemed the sides were OK but the bottom was double-cropped  (approx double my 8%) and the top was not cropped at all (still swaying black bars).  I tried a couple more times with same results.  Then I tried Clip and again with same results.  And tried stabilizer, limit to zoom = 110% and that did not change at all.


      Please suggest why my crop parameters are not being utilized and/or how to get the bars off the stabilized video.


      Original MP4, Premiere Elements 12



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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          How much smoothing did you apply for the video stabilization with the Zoom = 110% and a check mark next to Limit to Zoom?


          When you applied the 8% crop all around with the Crop Tool, am I assuming correctly that you had a check mark next to "Zoom" in the Crop Panel expanded?


          What happens if you leave the Zoom at 100% in the video stabilization settings and just have a check mark next to Limit to Zoom? If you tried this, what was the Smoothing set at?


          If you do use the Crop Tool and the stabilized video, can you get rid of any black bars by increasing the crop beyond 8%? If so, to how much? Since the frame is being moved around during the stabilization process, I am not seeing where 8% all around would necessary cover all.