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    Finally Google will penalize non responsive websites (prosites)

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      Some topics here about responsive websites from behance / prosite.com are from 2013. Meanwhile nothing really happened. The only thing that happens now (unfortunately) is that google will penalize non responsive websites. I must admit that I'm really disappointed that still no responsive layouts are available in about 2 years. It's really a shame for a company that delivers design related software and websites not to support responsive design for customers in 2015.


      Official Google Webmaster Central Blog: Finding more mobile-friendly search results



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          Even worse, after stalling off customers with predefined phrases for 2 years, now they are playing dead and not even answering to all these questions.


          My favorite lines during this long period. Listing them:

          • Responsive layouts for ProSite are something we are working towards for future upgrades. (Not only saw this here, but also on zendesk tickets)
          • At Behance, we are constantly thinking of ways to better our products through responsive design. In the meantime, your ProSite should appear correctly on mobile devices! (Not only saw this here, but also on zendesk tickets)
          • We're working on ProSite 2.0, a complete overhaul and relaunch of the product.


          Late 2014, early 2015, in 6 months etc. etc. are also mentioned in some phrases, but as we can all see nothing happened.


          It was really ok if behance gave us a clear answer, we wouldn't have waited and create our alternative. I have made my company use prosite too. Probably one of the biggest mistakes I have ever done . We are not the only studio or agency to use prosite either. So clearly this service is also hurting businesses now. 


          Anyway, personally I am thinking of burning behance action method notebooks and pads we purchased years ago. That's how disappointed I am.