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    Local video file (.mp4) file not play in MAC OS using netstream (NetStream.Play.StreamNotFound)


      I have developed adobe air application using adobe flash builder 4.6 for Windows and Mac OS. Application allow user to download movie (.mp4) file in his system at specific location for play  without live streaming. File downloading correctly in both OS and also file playing from download location in Window application correctly. but when start playing file Mac OS application not start playing.


      When start playing in mac OS, NetStatusEvent.Net_Status event return "NetStream.Play.StreamNotFound" event info code. I have found one solution for mac OS is use colon notation instead of slash notation. I have tried it but it also not working.



      _nc = new NetConnection();

      _nc.addEventListener(NetStatusEvent.Net_Status, connectionHandler);



      private function connectionHandler(event:NetStatusEvent):void


           trace("Connection to server: " + event.info.code);

           /// Get "NetStream.Play.StreamNotFound" code in mac OS.    




      slash notation path: /Users/mayur/Downloads/myvideo.mp4

      Colon notation path: I have tried following colon notation path

      1) :Users:mayur:Downloads:myvideo.mp4

      2) Users:mayur:Downloads:myvideo.mp4

      3) Macintosh HD:Users:mayur:Downloads:myvideo.mp4 (Macintosh HD - Drive name)


      Please help me to solve this issue.