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    video timestamp triggers



      New to Edge and I'm trying to create an interactive video, where the video pauses and a question comes on screen and then the user has a choice of two answers. On the right answer the video resumes after a few seconds and then pauses again when the next question comes up.

      Looks like thisquest1.JPG


      I've got it working how I want it in a certain way, but my video is pausing and the questions coming onscreen based on the timeline, I want them triggered based on the videos actual timestamp. I have the questions as a symbol and I want the video to pause at a specific point then the questions load.

      basically at the moment if I load up the page the questions will come on screen after the same duration has passed, whether the video has started or not. Plus the video pause marker doesn't seem absolute in terms of the videos actual timestamp.


      Can the videos actual timestamp trigger events?


      Hopefully that all made some sense!