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    The internet browser with more thane one video running is keep crashing after installing Adobe flash.


      If I run any website contains more than one video like this website for example :
      http://www.neatoxv-21.org ,where it has two videos talking about the cleaning vacuum neato xv-21, and both videos
      are running at the same time, then suddenly the explorer will crash, But in other broswers like google chrome it works fine.

      To double check, I un-installed the software and then I restarted my computer, I installed the software again but the same issue.


      I am using windows 7, so to be sure I missed nothing I updates the windows from Microsoft website and also


      I am sure that I have the latest internet explorer update.


      Now, the funny thing, I did the same process with Google chrome and it works fine!!!


      I am totally confused, wht could be the reason??


      Please advice..