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    Request for the next level of testing support

    TomHarlinSmith Level 1
      I've begun using Flex for a production application, and I'm quite impressed with the maturity of its design and development environment. It has passed the first hurdles necessary to be used for product-quality user-interface development:

      Have cross-platform support
      Be able to be compiled and deployed in an automated way, without using the IDE
      Have support for unit testing of code modules
      Have support for automated product testing (just skated by on that one - QTP integration appeared a few days ago)

      The next level, though, is also important. The environment still lacks any coverage testing (like EMMA for Java, for instance). Flex also, as far as I can tell, requires an interactive display environment to run in such as a browser or Flash player. Automated regression test environments typically don't have monitors and drive any UI behavior in a "headless" mode. Perhaps Apollo will address this shortcoming?
      Awaiting the next developments eagerly...