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    Edit, Rate, Cull images on 2 Computers?

    kingridgedr Level 1

      HI all,


      I'm just back from a vacation in which I took about 2500 images. Those images are currently stored on my Home computer, but like most people in the world, I have a job other than photography, and would like to edit, or at least rate and cull these images at Work on that computer (which also has LR5.7). Is there an easy way to do this? Sure, I could copy the images (and their sidecar) to an external drive, and lug that back and forth with me. Or I could share them out with Lightroom mobile, and attempt to do it on my iPad, but in my past experiences, it was dreadfully slow. Are there any other (easy) ways of accomplishing the task, that I'm overlooking?


      Thanks in advance!