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    Reskinning scrollPane scroll bar

      Hey. I'm trying to resking the scroll bars of the scrollPane component
      in Flash 8 and haven't quite figure it out using the standard / limited
      Flash Help provided. I've been able to use the Help to reskin a
      standard UIScrollBar component by duplicating / altering the desired
      states. This is the simple code placed on the scrollBar instance on
      the timeline that can redirect it to use a new instance:

      downArrowDownName = "ScrollDownArrowDown2";


      ScrollDownArrowDown2 obviously being the new movie clip. However, even
      though Flash Help tells me that the scrollPane component utilizes the
      UIScollBar elements and to refer to that section to alter the
      ScrollPane, I cannot simply use the code above on the scrollPane
      component. It sounds like this should be fairrly easy to figure out,
      but I'm out of options. Thoughts?