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    Exporting Video for Retail Display Case with see-through LCD display?


      Hello folks,


      I want a video exported but I need the blacks in the video to come out as transparent. See below an example of the application:


      Retail Display Case with See-through LCD display - YouTube


      My question is, how can I edit an existing .mp4 to have its blacks transparent? I have tried Stencil Luma but my video is desaturated. And what format can I export as? Is white the transparent channel here?


      I hope someone can decipher what I'm trying to explain!



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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Media players do not support transparent backgrounds. Simple as that. According to the description this LCD display case has a custom media player so you would render to the specifications given you from the manufacturer. Simple as that. There's no way for me to know what those specifications are. You'll have to ask the folks that make the case.


          As for converting an existing video to have the black areas transparent you will have to use a procedural matte technique to create a track matte for the original from the original. Luma matte is one option, but you'll probably have to adjust the levels in your shot and all shots will not work using luma matte or it's cousin luma key.  Show us the video or at least a still frame and we can give you some better ideas.