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    External working and backup setup - Thunderbolt or NAS? Working location photographer

    El_Jeffe Level 1

      Lifestyle photographer, work on location. Meaning I shot a lot of files per shoot day (1500 per working day) and I'm on location, away from my studio and main computer (Cheese-grater Mac Pro).

      My current archive and backup is on a multi bay e-sata JBOD, which is old and in need of being brought up to date.

      My desktop is a Mac Pro, no Thunderbolt, infact it's still USB 2, though if I keep it as my main studio machine , I can put in a USB 3 card.

      My location laptop is a MBP with Thunderbolt.


      I'm trying to decide if I should go Thunderbolt external HD for my external archive, backups and even working files (which would mean working off my MBP and essentially ditching the Mac Pro box), or if I should go NAS, which is still only available as USB3, but which gives me the ability (from what I've heard) to access my image files from the cloud when I'm on location and a client wants images.

      I'm using Lightroom as my main image interface more and more with the way my business is moving. I still prefer to do final polishing of colour treatments / grading in Photoshop, but I'm not doing much heavy work - compositing etc, with Photoshop.


      Would love to hear pro's and con's of the two setups from other who shoot a lot of image files and are on the road a lot.