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    to know my laptop is sufficient or not


      my laptop specifications are

      i5 3rd gen processor,4 gb ram,1 tb hard disk,1 gb graphic

           is it sufficient to run premeirepro and after effects

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          JFPhoton Level 3

          ....I agree with Bill...the answer is NO, negative, nada, null, and none for nabobs.

          Ideal laptop would be : Haswell i7 CPU 4710 HQ or better, NVidia 9xx series mobile GPU with at least 4 GB video memory, 32 GB system memory, AND a high speed storage configuration which would be at LEAST two separate internal SATA III SSDs like the Samsung Pro 850s. Get out yer wallet !!

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            RjL190365 Level 4

            Technically, it will work. But practically, it's way too slow: All mobile i5 CPUs have only two physical cores (albeit with hyper threading). 4GB of installed RAM is way too little to do much. What's more, if your i5 CPU has a "U" or "Y" at the end of its model number (as in i5-4200U), then it only supports single-channel memory operation, which in turn currently limits the maximum installable RAM to a single 8GB stick (which would then completely replace the existing installed 4GB stick).


            Third, your laptop may not have any provision at all whatsoever to add additional fast disks (likely because the stock hard drive eats up the laptop's only internal bay, the laptop's optical drive is non-removable and your laptop has only USB 2.0 ports).


            Finally, you did not mention which specific graphics chip your laptop is using. With that laptop any installed GPU will likely be so lousy (performance-wise) to begin with that you might as well permananently lock Premiere to the MPE software-only mode (no GPU acceleration whatsoever).


            In other words, your laptop is a piece of junk (as far as practical performance in the Adobe CS and CC programs is concerned).