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    A warning about using Facial Recognition in LR 6

    Lee Jay Level 4

      Before you use face recognition in LR 6, you should be aware of a couple of things.


      First, you have the option to enable it for the entire catalog or not.  If you choose not to, going into People view will start the process for the selected source (the images in the filmstrip) even if you have it disabled.  This applies to any source, including all photographs, so read the second one below.


      Second, it's a slow process.  Of course, speeds vary based on the size of your images, the speed of your computer, and whether or not you have smart previews rendered, but figure on something like 40,000 images *per day* to be processed.  If you have 200,000 images, it may take five days running 24/7 (or two if you have a fast computer and all smart previews rendered, or 10 if you have an old slow computer and nothing but 36MP raw images with no smart previews rendered).  You get the idea.


      Maybe that's okay, maybe it's not, but you should be aware of it.  You can use LR while it's doing the detection.


      Think carefully about how you plan to use this feature before letting it run on your whole catalog and going through and confirming and naming detected faces on all those images.  Personally, I think it's worth it, but you may not.