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    Accessing DOM properties added by another plugin from script


      The IDML spec states the following: "If you add plug-ins that support InDesign scripting, objects, properties, enumerations, and methods can appear in the scripting object model, and new objects and properties may appear in the exported IDML. In addition, removing or disabling plug-ins can change the scripting object model and, therefore, the XML elements written to an IDML file."


      So, is it then possible to access properties added by another plugin from your own ExtendScript at runtime? For example, if another plugin extends a character style to add their own attributes, would it then be possible to read those properties in a separate script unrelated to that plugin? I can't seem to get this to work. I can see the added properties when exporting to IDML, but I can't see them when iterating over the DOM in Javascript?