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    Lr 6 Standalone

    markalanthomas Level 1

      I just wasted half an hour trying to find a way to buy the Lightroom 6 Standalone upgrade. On the Adobe site, all roads lead to the subscription-based CC version. I finally found what I was looking for thanks to a link on the Lightroom Queen’s site, but then do you know what happened?


      I didn’t buy it.

      I’m so disgusted by these sleazy tactics to push people to subscribe, that I’m going to wait until Lr 7 before trying this again.


      To whoever is behind this Creative Cloud hard sell strategy, I hope you take note: I wanted to upgrade. I searched for a way to do it. I had my credit card in my hand. But by the time I figured out how, I’d changed my mind. You lost a sale.


      Well done.