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    Why does a transition play part of a video I trimmed out?

    Rickster213 Level 1

      I have a video clip, followed by a picture.  The video was trimmed to end exactly where I wanted it to.  Which it does on playback.  At the end of the video clip the picture appears.   I wanted a transition, so I put in a fade.  When the video fades out, it plays part of the video I had trimmed out.  I had the same problem with the dissolve transition.  I tried choosing just the "right clip" option on the transition but it still plays the video past the point I had originally stopped it at.  Using "Window - Info", I see the start, end, and duration times remain the same for the video clip before and after the transition, but it is playing more than it should.


      Anyone know how to correct this?  Thanks.