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    Unable to authorise Digital Editions


      OK, so got a new Ebook and trying to use it, but I'm unable to authorise Digital editions, been trying for 3 days now and keep being told that the authorisation server is down.


      To jump ahead abit I'll answer the standard replies that get posted to all these issues:


      Yes, I have tried to restart the PC


      Yes I have deleted and enabled cookies


      Yes I can connect to SSL sites


      Yes I have an internet connection


      Yes I have checked everything here :https://helpx.adobe.com/x-productkb/policy-pricing/activation-network-issues.html

      (note that when I try to use the CS5 version of the connection test I get unable to connect, the CS6 version tells me "alive" which I presume means this is working?)


      None of this work, so please can someone sort this out.

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          paulm62202670 Level 1

          OK- I was given the answer by a user on another forum, For anyone else - I must have had some kind of information on the PC that made Adobe think I had an activation already (despite the fact that I've never used Digitial Editions before) so running the "erase authorisation" first did the trick, seems you need to do this the first time you setup an account even if you haven't had an account before.