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    Converting HLP to Webhelp - TOC has erroneous chm url



      We're looking to move from old winhelp (.hlp) projects made with an old (circa 1998) version of Robohelp, to html-based webhelp made with RoboHelp 11. I was amazed to see that you could import a winhelp project by specifying an hpj file. The conversion seem to go ok, but most of the entries in the new table of contents looked like they were trying to go to some other chm file (which is weird since we didn't use chm files before and I wasn't converting to chm based help). The TOC links are labeled as "Remote URLs" instead of local html files. For some reason it looks like it's treating most of the topics on the TOC as external topics, which they are not. Has anyone seen this before and know an easy fix?


      Many thanks,