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    Lightroom CC installed but does not run

    PhilT_GP Level 1

      The CC update has run and I now have Lightroom CC installed .... or so I thought.

      I have a new shortcut for LR but it does nothing.

      My old LR 5.7.1 still works - if I open this and check for updates it says it is up to date.


      The new LR link is "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Lightroom\lightroom.exe"


      After the LR update, CC said it needed updating so I did the update.

      It now says I have the following apps installed ...


      Photoshop CC                Update Ready   

      Photoshop CC (2014)      Update Ready

      Bridge CC                      Update Ready

      Lightroom 5                    Up to date

      Lightroom CC (2015)       Up to date

      Edge Inspect CC            Up to date


      I am not aware of any updates for the first 3 items



      I presume the multiple copies of versions may be part of the problem.

      Any idea how I proceed?