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    do co-authors need to have an adobe cc account to access the form?

    nadiaevecreative Level 1

      I have an Adobe CC account. I created a survey form from a template, and added 3 co-authors.

      Does each one need to have a CC subscription too?

      Do my recipients need to LOG IN to fill out this form once I have distributed it?

      Are the recipients of the form able to:

      - see the survey results

      - change/recall their survey answers

      - see other respondents' answers

      - download the survey form

      - reply to the survey more than once

      - begin the survey and save work in progress, then come back to finish it later

      - print the survey

      - forward the survey form to some other email recipient

      - access the survey they completed once they have hit 'Submit'


      If I start editing a survey form on my desktop Forms Central App, can I finish editing it online and vice -versa?

      What is the best practice in creating a form; desktop app, web app, or no difference?

      Do survey recipients see a preview of the survey form in theie email inBox?

      Thanks for all your help with my questions.