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    RoboHelp6 problems - and can I still buy X5

      Hi folks

      I had just completed a test on the trial version of RoboHelpX5 and, although not a perfect solution, was in the process of going through the motions to purchase a license. Today I found out about the RoboHelp6 release so downloaded a trial version of that. I am importing an old RoboHelpX3 HPJ project to WinHelp 4 output. I have found that RoboHelp6 is a lot buggier than X5. Before I spend time trying to figure out what is going wrong and how to fix it, I wondered whether I can still purchase X5?

      Some of the problems I've been experiencing are:

      - Word continually crashes (I have Word 2000 SP3).
      - I have some documents that I am unable to add topics to (I get a message ‘The Next style name does not exist or is of an incorrect type.’. When I click OK I get: ‘RoboHelp received Word error 1075. If you continue to get this error, contact Macromedia for technical support’. I have found that error 1075 is: The dependency service does not exist or has been marked for deletion).
      - When I created a new document and added a topic to it, it somehow ended up in the project’s main document – deleting all existing topics.

      Has anyone experienced anything similar. I've sent an email off to Adobe support, so they may or may not get back to me. If they do, I'll post their reply.

      Thanks heaps.
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          HB1_Pencil Level 1
          Just incase anyone finds themselves in a similar position, we finally got a resolution to this TODAY, around 7 weeks after starting.....

          Basically it is possible to get a license key for X5. What we needed to do was purchase an X6 volume license through a local reseller, and then contact Adobe tech support (in our case Aptechnician@adobesupport.com.). They were able to send us the applicable information needed to install the previous version, along with the applicable license key for the previous version. We only found this out after weeks of playing 'chinese whispers' with the never-ending Adobe chain of support. In the end it was the AP tech support group who were able to tell us what to do, and supply us with the previous version product/key.

          Good luck if you find yourself in a similar position.