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    ProgressBar setProgress not working for me

    pauldecoursey Level 1
      I have this control...
      <mx:ProgressBar labelPlacement="left" top="14" left="40" right="10" id="uploadProgress" label="Upload Center" height="22" minimum="0" maximum="100"/>

      and when I call setProgress for it it does nothing. I have a file upload being set and when it starts I set indeterminate to true and then when progress events occur I reset it to determinate and then call setProgress. I can see it flip between indeterminate and determinate fine, but progress never shows. I can verify that the progress events are firing, I can trace them and I have done a version that displayed the progress in the label, assuming that I set the label. But I really need the progressBar to update.

      Has any experienced this? I am using 2.01, but I do not recall if it ever worked for me on previous versions.