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    Architecting Flex Application

      I understand view states and view stacks. I need help with connecting componets and modules.


      I have one module as my logon screen and once the client is authenticated I want to send them to another module.

      Example 2:

      I have many forms fro one application and I need the form to be its own module or "Application" or SWF file. I want when I "onclick" a button it directs them to this module.

      I know this is probably simple, but I am lost and need help!

      If anyone knows of any good books, training, or online resources for FLEX 2, I would appreciate knowing, thanks!
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          WestSide Level 1
          If you understand View Stacks you are there I believe! You can write event handlers that responsd to user interactions and then in your functions you can control what is showed within your viewstack container if I am correct.

          If your viewstack has an ID of "myViewStack" or whatever, you can do


          the above code works because I use it, but cant say if this is the best way to do it or not