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    Imagine don't look right in Lightroom if I've worked on in PhotoShop?

    nagol5178SN Level 1

      I have searched the internet but it left me rather confused... Here is the deal:


      Let's say I work on an HDR photo or any photo for that matter in photoshop, save it, and bring it back to Lightroom. It looks nothing like it did. The colors kinda look pixels blocked ,etc.


      I have a feeling this has something to dow with them both being set at the same color settings. Should I set both of them to ProRGB or should I set them to Srgb? It sorta sucks to work on something for hours, save it, and then it doesn't look anything like it did in photoshop in Lightroom?


      Do they need to match? I am new to this color profile thing. So my first question would be: Do they both need to be set the same? The second question would be: What do they all mean? Which ones would I use for print, etc?


      I know if I calibrate my monitor to SrGB or whatever it is called, it makes my monitor look bad.


      I am running the most powerful MacBook Pro out, it is also hooked up to a thunderbolt Display so I can edit on 27 inches. I hardly ever edit on the 15 inch screen and plan to phase it out with another 27 inch screen for speed grade.