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    Lr6 upgrade installed as a standalone and now thinks it's a trial - how to change?


      I purchased and installed the Lr6 upgrade (I have been using Lr 5.7). However, during the upgrade process a message flashed up that no other installed version of the software could be found and asked me to input the serial number of my previous copy, which I did, assuming that it would install as an upgrade.


      However, what has happened is that Lr6 has installed a trial version of Lr6, and I can see no way of changing this other than to purchase the cc version. Both Lr5 and 6 now run on my machine without any apparent problems.


      Is there no option other than to uninstall and re-install? Will anything be solved in the Lr6 upgrade again fails to see the copy of Lr5?


      I'm running Lr on a 64-bit version of Windows 8.1.


      Any suggestions gratefully received!