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    Lightroom CC freezes on splash screen


      I've seen lots of posts about Lightroom CC crashing, but my problem seems to be different.


      I installed Lightroom CC through the CC app.  When I launch the app, it asks me to update my catalog.  After the "Updating Catalog" dialog finishes, it launches Lightroom, my catalog appears in the background and then it freezes on the splash screen.  If I click anywhere, it goes black behind the splash screen and the program says it's Not Responding.  Here's what I've tried:


      - waited a really long time to see if it was actually doing something

      - restarted computer

      - uninstalled and reinstalled Lightroom CC (on a different hard drive)

      - quit creative cloud app and relaunched

      - logged out (via preferences) and logged back into creative cloud

      - started a new catalog instead of updating a current catalog

      - reset/trash preferences


      No matter what I do, it freezes on the splash screen.  Can anyone help?


      I'm using Windows 8.