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    Lightroom 5.7 quit syncing with Lightroom Mobile


      I purchased Lightroom desktop 5.7 and ran it as a trial for awhile.  I then entered my serial numbers for the upgrade to 5.7.  Everything was working fine with 5.7 desktop and mobile, but now, although I can open desktop and log into it and set a collection to sync, it doesn't.  Both desktop and mobile now say that my trial has expired.  What is up with that?


      I can't reach anyone at Adobe by phone.  Instead I accidentally got the poser company of iYogi in India posing as Adobe support.  They logged into my PC and then proceeded to tell me that it would cost me $370 to fix it!  Why is it so damn hard to get support diredtly from Adobe on a product that I just purchased?  Somehow that company removed all my restore points and said nobody else could fix my PC.  Now I have to do a complete restore from backup