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    InDesign pages turn grey, bug?

    Casper Heiberg



      First time using this forum actively, but often it has provided me with valuable help. This one i haven't been able to find though.

      In a lengthy document i suddenly notice some of the pages have turned grey. The background of the affected pages appear to be gray, and colors overprinting on this color. Some links on the pages are invisible, and the page numbers appear as "PB"


      I have not done anything differently than usual when working with InDesign.

      Upon trying to export the affected pages, Indesign appears to recognise the page array, although being labeled as "PB" on the actual pages. However it doesn't export the pages, only a square, blank document instead.

      I've tried closing the application and opening it again, but it appears as though the document itself has been compromised somehow, as it is not a bug that appear on random pages.