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    New LR Merge to HDR function in non CC version?

    Califdan2 Level 1



      I have become aware of new features in LR CC.  One for merge to HDR and another for Merge to Panorama - both within the LR product (rather than using Photoshop or other 3rd party tools).


      Is this feature available for perpetual license users of LR vsn 5 or is it only in :LR CC?   If it is available in the Perpetual license version, where do I find the download?


      Thanks -- Dan

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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I would expect those new features are in LR 6 (non-CC) and that the way to start a download of the trial is to use Help / Updates and click the Download… button.


          However, I have a CC subscription so I cannot test this theory because the download site is smart enough to know I’m a CC subscriber and just tells me to use the CC App to download the update, but it may work for you if you’re not a CC subscriber.


          BTW, new features released after this initial version wouldn’t be added to the non-CC version until LR 7 comes out—that’s a benefit of CC, besides having Photoshop, you also get new features as soon as they are available.