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    LR6 Purchase (non-CC) version?


      I have the boxed (non-CC) version of Lightroom 5.  I'd like to inquire about upgrading to LR6.

      - Is this available as an upgrade to my LR5 stand-alone version? (non-CC)

      - If so, what is the upgrade price?

      - Will the stand-alone (non-CC) version have reduced functionality?

      - How do I download / install / pay for the stand-alone upgrade?

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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The standalone version can be purchased from the Products link at the bottom of every www.adobe.com webpage.  In the US the price is the same as before:  $150 for original-full version, $80 for upgrade with prior product serial number.


          The non-CC version of LR will not have access to cloud-enabled features like LR Mobile, and the non-CC version won't get feature updates as they are released, and I'd expect you'd have to wait until LR 7 to get new features.