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    Lightroom CC syncing and deleting across Mac, iPhone, and iPad Lightroom apps


      I have searched for nearly an hour for some answers and find the Lightroom support sections massively confusing, even contradictory (example here:  Adobe Lightroom on mobile FAQ In one answer it says that "Lightroom on mobile syncs original JPEG and PNG files that originate from your mobile device in the Creative Cloud" and in another question right below it says "Since Lightroom on mobile does not store your original image files, but instead syncs Smart Previews").  I need some basic questions answered around how these various platforms inter-operate [BTW, I am running latest OS and App versions across the board]:


      1) Do images taken with my iPhone automatically get uploaded to Creative Cloud (CC) or not and are they at full resolution? [Seems like they sync once I open the app, but not sure of resolution.  Would be good to know what is supposed to trigger the syncing, e.g., opening the app, taking the picture, etc.]


      2) Once an image is uploaded to CC from the phone, and I can see it in Lightroom desktop, are changes made to the image from either device's version of Lightroom automatically synced, i.e., I will see the changes made from any device on any other device the next time I log into CC from that device? [It seems like this is the way it works, but again not sure]


      3) Assuming the whole image is uploaded intact from the phone to the CC, if I delete the image in the Apple Photos app, will that in any way affect the CC cloud image?  I am not deleting it from within any Lightroom app at this point -- just the native IOS app. [Does not appear to be in any way connected -- which is both good and bad -- must delete in multiple places now]


      4) If I delete the photo in the CC from the desktop, does it delete the native photo on the phone as well, or do I need to delete it in both places to get rid of it entirely? [It would seem that when I delete the photo from the Lightroom iPhone app, after it has been synced, it does not delete it from the Lightroom desktop version -- I still see it there]


      5) I assume videos taken with the phone are not uploaded -- is that right? [They are not loaded to the CC as best as I can tell]


      6) Do the iPhone photos that get uploaded to CC end up only as preview-like images on the desktop version of Lightroom, or is the entire original resolution image downloaded to the desktop?  If it is not downloaded, how do I export a full resolution, modified image from Lightroom desktop (or from the iPhone for that matter)?


      7) I am not seeing any of the 25,000+ photos stored on my desktop version of Lightroom getting synced to the cloud -- isn't supposed to sync a preview image, and if so, how do I enable that?  What happens to changes to that preview image made from the phone -- do they get made back on the desktop version of the image through Lightroom?


      Thanks for the help.  I wish Adobe made this clearer up front so as to avoid any accidental deletions and to ensure the products are interoperating the way they should.

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          greule Adobe Employee

          Let me try to answer your questions.



          collections created within the Lr Mobile app will be automatically synced to the back-end. You can add photos manually from your camera roll or enable a collection for "Auto Add". With that all future camera shots will be automatically imported to Lr Mobile and synced


          correct. changes will be synced from Lr Mobile to Lr Desktop - back&forth

          3) local camera roll deletion is not connected to the Cloud back-end. But be carefull that the import/sync is finished before you trigger that.


          as answerd before. the cloud back-end is not connected to the device camera roll


          video is not supported yet


          original resolution images will be  downloaded to Lr Desktop. Preview images will be shown in the Lr Web view Adobe Lightroom


          when you create a collection within Lr Desktop and add your photos you would like to sync, then you can enable this collection for sync. As soon your are signed-in and start the sync (via the top left activity panel) you will notice a little checkbox beside the collection. When you check this sync start to run. Lr Deskop generates smart previews and uploads these to the back-end (plus thumbnail previews + meta-data). When you open up Lr Mobile app and you would like to make an edit, the Lr Mobile app loads the smart preview form the back-end and syncs back the meta-data or edit setting.


          Hope that helps you to start.




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            rayf17662939 Level 1

            Thanks Guido, some quick points of clarification...


            1) Are the photos loaded from the phone at original resolution or are they downgraded?  Does the LR app need to be open?


            4) When I delete from LR on the Phone it does not appear to be deleting from LR on the desktop -- should it be or do I need to delete from each device?


            6) When I export an image from Lightroom Desktop that has been synced from LR mobile to CC, will it be at the original resolution or is it compromised in some way?


            8) How do I enable the syncing with my existing collection?

            Thanks again!

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              greule Adobe Employee

              1) Lr Mobile keeps the original resolution. You don't need to have Lr Desktop running while doing the import on the phone. When you would like to have access your originals you need to open Lr Desktop. At the moment Lr Desktop is holding all the originals.



              When you delete a photo from a collection on the phone, the photo is just removed from the collection in Lr Desktop but still in your catalog

              6) Lr Desktop has always access to the original and you can define the export output as you want

              8) Start the sync via the top left activity panel and enable this little checkbox beside your collection. With the exception that  Smart Collection are not yet supported.


              Hope that helps