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    Lightroom CC - Develop Presets not visible on context menu in Library Module

    PJ NZ

      Just installed Lightroom CC 2015 - loving the speed increase in the Develop module!


      When I select a bunch of images in the Library module and right click (Windows obviously), the 'Develop Settings' in the context menu has a number of things listed, but it is totally missing all of the presets that are usually visible.  Has this been purposely removed in Lightroom CC, or is this a bug?


      If I switch to the Develop module, all of my presets are listed on the left hand side correctly.


      In the Library module, at the top of the Quick Develop they are all listed in the 'Saved Preset' area, but they are just gone now from the context menu.


      I have tried resetting all my prefs (ctrl+alt+shift on restart) - still the same.


      Any ideas?



      Running Lightroom CC 2015 on Windows 7 Professional SP1